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Nick Wise was born in New York City. After 8 years and gaining his degrees in wine from the WSET he worked within the fine wine departments of various leading English wine merchants, selling to private clients. He travels to wine regions around the world, consults and writes full-time about his first love—wine. 

After his graduation from Tufts University, Nick began writing books on popular culture, seven of which were completed and published, including books on Kurt Cobain and the Beach Boys. At the same time, Nick's keen interest in wine and winemaking led him to earn a Bachelors (HC) in wine at the Wine & Spirit Education Trust in London. Prior to this book, he has previously authored Celebrity Vineyards (Welcome Books, 2013) and California Celebrity Vineyards (Overlook-Omnibus, 2016)

Nick has worked for various historic English wine and spirit companies including John Armit and Fuller, Smith and Turner selling wine futures, mostly to the Far East. In 2003, he decided to start a corporate Champagne company called casevalue.com, which worked closely with companies such as LVMH, Bollinger and many others in the champagne trade. After selling the company his concentration is now mainly on writing Nick lives in London, Los Angeles and for the meantime Walla Walla, Washington accompanied by his beautiful wife Julie. Julie was born in Beaune, France and has worked within the food and wine industry for over 15 years within Burgundy and Champagne. She also has a passionate interest in photography and does all the photography within the books. They are continually traveling the world in search of their passion of wine.

Wise brings these iconic figures down to earth with their relatable passion for one of the world’s most amazing and diverse beverages.
— The Wine Economist writing about California Celebrity Vineyards