California Celebrity Vineyards is like taking a drive down St. Helena Highway with Nick Wise on a crisp fall day and stopping to taste, learn and laugh all along the way.
— Charlie Palmer

California Celebrity Vineyards: From Napa to Los Olivos in Search of Great Wine

By Nick Wise and Linda Sunshine

304 pages, 7” x 9”;

close to 300 full color images;

ISBN 978-1468312973;

$35.00 (CAN $45.00)

flexi bound.

Published by Overlook-Omnibus Press
June 15, 2016.

California Celebrity Vineyards: From Napa to Los Olivos in Search of Great Wine

From the hills of Napa to the mountain slopes of Piedmont, writers Nick Wise and Linda Sunshine went in search of great wine and famous people who are also winemakers. Their astonishing trip, the wines they tasted, and the incredible men and women they met are recounted in loving and often humorous detail in this fully illustrated and eminently readable new book. 

Written for fans of wine, travel, and the rich and famous, California Celebrity Vineyards is a fascinating journey into a world that, for most of us, is only a dream. But what an amazing dream it is! Here are artists and entrepreneurs, dreamers and businesspeople that share a love of wine, a respect for the grape, and the joy of creating something amazing out of the land. Like a great glass of wine, these people will touch your heart and stay in your memory. Whether you are a wine connoisseur or can barely taste the difference between red and rosé, California Celebrity Vineyards will delight, charm, and educate your palate.



Molly Chappellet
Kurt Russell
Yao Ming
Luke Donald
Jack Nicklaus
Mike Ditka
Bruce R. Cohn
Robert Kamen

Lillian Disney
Francis Ford Coppola
Charlie Palmer
Randy Lewis
Dick Vermeil
Fess Parker
Mario Andretti
Raymond Burr