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Delmas and the unique 'Rocks District' of Milton Freewater

One of the smallest American Viticultural Areas in the US is designated the “Rocks District” AVA in Walla Walla Valley. It lies on the border between eastern Oregon and eastern Washington, on the cusp of both states. The two borders are so close and ill-defined that both States have a serious problem establishing who owns what. Even the local post office has a hard time locating official boundaries.

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Pepper Bridge

Pepper Bridge was one of Walla Walla Valley’s pioneering wineries. Its first 10 acres were planted in 1991 behind the tasting room and the first grapes grown there were sold to Leonetti and Woodward Canyon and some other developing estates in the region. Subsequently 200 acres were added, and the famous Walla Walla Seven Hills Vineyard was incorporated into Pepper Bridge.

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