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Hattaway’s On Alder, Walla Walla

Hattaway’s was created by Richard and Lindsay Hattaway.  Both born in Alabama, John is trained chef and not only attended the CIA in Atlanta, but also learnt how to cook, cure and smoke meats to perfection all around the South from various districts and encompassing numerous different ways. The pair met when they worked first together in Alabama, John cooking and Lindsay as his sous chef.

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Walla Walla: A new home for the French?

They are in the vineyards, in the restaurants, in the shops, it seems whatever corner you take in Walla Walla one tends to bump into the French. It seems Walla Walla has now become a small enclave for the French Vignerons. But why has Walla Walla attracted many of these highly regarded French winemakers over the last few decades? Here are five quick reasons.

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